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HONDA 43530-MJ0-006 ROD, PUSH
HONDA 43530-MJ0-006 ROD, PUSH


Best Online Shop HONDA 43530-MJ0-006 ROD, PUSH Buy UK Online Shop

the individuals behind my story remain true to the company's roots Best Prices Sale Editorial Reviews With the hit title track, from 1962! You're For Me Here's one of the best Buck Owens albums. Sundazed records has released a few of Buck's older albums, and this one is among his finest. Actually, I had this one on 8-track (it's been a few years ago) and I wore that tape out in my 66 Fairlane; but that's another story. If you like Bakersfield country, and no holds barred honky-tonk music, then I'll guarantee that you will not sit still while this Cd plays. There's 14 numbers here, including a few chart toppers: "You're For Me", "Under the Influence of Love", and "Fool Me Again". But, it's the other songs that epitomize the true Buck Ownes' sound. Specifically, I'm referring to: "Down On The Corner of Love", "Mirror Mirror", "House Down the Block", and "Down To the River". Some albums have a fair share of filler material.....this aint one of them. You'll love this album, and I suggest you hurry up and grab it while it's still available. If there were only one Buck Owens album I'd recommend, it's either this one, or "... Tiger by the Tail". So, do yourself a favor, and just get both of them!truly a gifted artist,buck's second album/cd "you're for me" is another reasonwhy he's an exellent singer / songwriter. there is a lot to like about this cd.songs like "down on the corner of love","under the influence of love","nobody's fool but yours",as well as some great instrumental pieces.such as "mexican polka","country polka" are great examples of the buckaroos at work.i'm a long time fan of buck's and i highly recommend anyone of his re-mastered cd's!YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED AT ALL! the only trouble is the series is incomplete.whatever happened to the rest of the 70's albums buck recorded for capitol?from 1973 to 1975,there are at least 2 more cd's to look forward to.not sure of the exact names,but songs like "it's a monster's holiday""on the cover of the music city news",as well as the the duet withsusan raye albums. all in all,a exellent collection to get.a wonderful person,he will be missed by all true country fams!!!As a kid I tuned up my nose at this hillbilly. It wasn't until my late thirties I decide to look at Bakersfield sound-and I loved it. Buck is as real as it gets. In collaboration with Don Rich, they invented the Bakersfield sound that others would copy. I have since bought several other Buck Owen disc's, and they are all winners. Great stuff.good discMy uncle and i grew up on buck owens music from the 60, and more still singing songs and duets together don rich his lead guitar man was awesome too zs well as the rest of his band.This was Buck Owens' third album, which was released in 1962. Buck wrote or co-wrote all the songs on the album (with the exception of "Fool Me Again"). The songs were recorded in May, September and December of 1961. There were four hit songs on the album, including "You're For Me"(#10 hit), "Under the Influence of Love"(#2 hit), "Nobody's Fool But Yours"(#11 hit) and "House Down the Block"(#24 hit as the b-side of "You're For Me). Besides the hits, most of the other songs are good, too. I especially get a kick out of the inclusion of two polka instrumenals. The inclusion of the mono single versions of "Under the Influence of Love" and "You're For Me" was unnecessary, since they sound the same as the stereo versions, except for being in mono instead of stereo. A good album that Buck's fans should appreciate."You're For Me", one of Buck's early Capitol recordings, and may well be his best, this 1962 outing features mostly uptempo numbers with steel player Ralph Mooney, and guitarist Don Rich strings up the fiddle on a couple of numbers. The album starts with "You're For Me" and continuously never lets up rolling into a honky-tonk mainstream right 'til the end, so here it is, the Bakersfield maestro plays out one of country music's finest hours, if you only own one Buck Owens recording, let this be the one, with the finest audio from sundazed again.April, 2009: an emergency disambiguation is called for, since Amazon has linked the (excellent) Sundazed reissue of the 1962 Capitol album "You're For Me" to some cheesy digital package provided by "Chacra Music" that contains early works by Buck Owens, but is not the same album. It has fewer tracks, and they are mostly different material. Just thought I'd warn you. Too bad Amazon hasn't provided any mechanism for customer feedback in the MP3 store the way they did for CDs... there are a LOT of database errors so far, and this is the only way to point them out. (DJ Joe Sixpack, Slipcue music reviews) HONDA 43530-MJ0-006 ROD, PUSH CDs Vinyl => Country => Classic Country Best Online Shop HONDA 43530-MJ0-006 ROD, PUSH Buy UK Online Shop




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