Max 49% OFF GUOCAO 5A Dual DC Motor Speed Control Module May Be Remote Rever Online Outlet

GUOCAO 5A Dual DC Motor Speed Control Module May Be Remote Rever
GUOCAO 5A Dual DC Motor Speed Control Module May Be Remote Rever


Product description

Note!!!When the motor commutation, must wait for the motor to stop, otherwise the current moment is burned Assembly module, driver chip burning products do not give after-sales; bare pins are not shorted back of the board, otherwise it may cause permanent damage; the positive and negative power supplyDo not reversed, the circuit board has a back printing tips, otherwise it will burn.


1.1 two independently controllable motors, each output current path. 5A, the peak. 9A, only the standby current 10uA;

1.2, wide supply range 3-14V, the signal power range 2.2-6V, 3.3V and 5V level are able to meet;

1.3 3.3V 100ma board provide external power to meet your control system power, but also with 433M wireless remote control motor module, a remote control or other load;

The default mode of delivery remote jog mode, or if you need to change modes simultaneously controlling a plurality of remote receiver or a plurality of remote control receivers, perform the following method of operation:

Clear code -

Learning by a receiver 8 on Code button, LED is off.LED flashes eight times, clearing OK.(If you need to replace with a remote control mode, please clear code re-learning)

Learning the code -

first step:

Press the button to learn the number of the receiving plate according to the desired operation mode is selected, and then lit LED light receiving plate.

Jog Mode: Press the button to learn once decoding module.

Self-locking Mode: Press the button to learn 2 decoding module.

Interlock Mode: Press the button to learn three decoding modules.

Step Two: Press any key of the remote controller, the received signal is received, the receiving plate off the LED flashes three times, success of the code.(If the code entered learning mode, there is no remote control signal, after 10 seconds, automatically exit learning code pattern.)

Note: If the cl

Max 49% OFF GUOCAO 5A Dual DC Motor Speed Control Module May Be Remote Rever Online Outlet

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Max 49% OFF GUOCAO 5A Dual DC Motor Speed Control Module May Be Remote Rever Online Outlet





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