Stores UK On Sale Online GSDNV 5pcs Rotating Five-Hole Magic Hanger with Handle for Sorti Sale Off 75%

GSDNV 5pcs Rotating Five-Hole Magic Hanger with Handle for Sorti
GSDNV 5pcs Rotating Five-Hole Magic Hanger with Handle for Sorti


Product description


[Space saving] -5 closed slots can prevent the hanger from falling when hanging vertically, saving 80% of the closet space. You can place more than 5 pieces of clothes horizontally or vertically to help you organize your wardrobe.
[Smooth edges]-The sturdy plastic magic hanger, without sharp edges or burrs, can protect your valuable clothes.
[Multifunctional]-Can be used in apartments and dormitories with limited space. It can hold all kinds of clothes, suits, jackets, skirts, ties, pants, and a good helper for storing clothes.
[Unique design]-The handle design is convenient to organize the wardrobe. It is more convenient to move five clothes at a time. 360°rotating hook, the hook can meet your different hanging angle needs, you can freely change the placement position, and flexibly use the closet space.
[Heavy hanger] -Strengthen the load-bearing capacity of the hook, five-hole design, thick and thick, good pressure resistance, and durable.

Product Category: Hanger
Color: pink, blue, green
Weight: about 25g
Style: simple, convenient
Quantity: 1pcs
Feature: Eco-Friendly, stocker
usage: clothing,pant,Scarf etc

Package Included:
5x Multi-functional Clothes Coat Hangers

If you have any questions about the product, please contact me, we will contact you within 24 hours and give you a satisfactory answer.
There Are Slight Difference Between The Picture and The Real Item Caused by Lightness, Hope You Can Understand

Stores UK On Sale Online GSDNV 5pcs Rotating Five-Hole Magic Hanger with Handle for Sorti Sale Off 75%

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