Sale Here CardGuard Trading Card Pro-Folio, 9-Pocket Side-Loading Pages, H Ranking TOP16

CardGuard Trading Card Pro-Folio, 9-Pocket Side-Loading Pages, H
CardGuard Trading Card Pro-Folio, 9-Pocket Side-Loading Pages, H


Product description


The CardGuard Card Folio is ideal for storing and displaying trading cards. It features 20 side-loading 9 pocket double pages prevent the cards from sliding out of place and it can hold up to 360 cards. With rigid cover and elastic closure.

From the manufacturer

Ideal for storing and displaying various kinds of cards


Designed to store and protect standard-sized cards. The CardGuard Trading Card Pro-Folio, 9-Pocket Side-Loading Pages are made to fit collectible cards and trading cards for games such as Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, sports cards, business cards, even K-POP photocards. Each sleeve is made from archival-safe, acid-free, and non PVC materials. Side-loading and designed to preserve your trading cards for a very long time. You can safely store up to 360 of your favorite cards, organize amp; arrange them like a real collector.

Variety of Different Colors


Sale Here CardGuard Trading Card Pro-Folio, 9-Pocket Side-Loading Pages, H Ranking TOP16

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Sale Here CardGuard Trading Card Pro-Folio, 9-Pocket Side-Loading Pages, H Ranking TOP16

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