Max 53% OFF Cross Stitch Fabric 10x10cm Aida Cloth 18ct 28ct 40ct Cross Stit Clearance Sale Up to 75% Off

Cross Stitch Fabric 10x10cm Aida Cloth 18ct 28ct 40ct Cross Stit
Cross Stitch Fabric 10x10cm Aida Cloth 18ct 28ct 40ct Cross Stit


Product description


28ct is bleached white color, white, but looks like a little slight blue

Customize cross stitch canvas, we can cut to any size, 

All the pictues are actual canvas photo, taken by my phone.

Listing is for canvas, size is on the list.

How to calculate size:

Picture size is

18ct: grid*0.139 cm

14ct: grid*0.179 cm

11ct: grid*0.227 cm

Canvas size is 5~15cm larger than picture size.

For example:

If picture grid is 100x100, for 18ct, the picture size is 14x14cm, canvas size will be 19x19cm including 2.5cm edge on each side. This 18ct black canvas is 0.19*0.19*43=


Max 53% OFF Cross Stitch Fabric 10x10cm Aida Cloth 18ct 28ct 40ct Cross Stit Clearance Sale Up to 75% Off

The first compilation album by Bob Dylan is the best way to indulge on his best classics whether it's acoustic or electric. The lead off track here is the same as Blonde On Blonde-"Rainy Day Women #12 amp; 35", which is great for the party-goers. This is followed by three of Dylan's "folk" classics-"Blowin' In The Wind"; "The Times They Are A-Changin'" and "It Ain't Me, Babe". The crown-achieving "Like A Rolling Stone" is his greatest rock piece and the first song to break the two-minute barrier single-wise. The original acoustic "Mr. Tambourine Man" leads off the second half of this set before the Byrds electrified it and took it to the top as their maiden voyage single release and the title of their debut album from 1965 which was the same year Dylan himself went electric at the Newport Folk Festival with two albums under his belt such as Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisited. Speaking of the former album, it not only gave us the song just mentioned but also "Subterranean Homesick Blues" patterned after the Chuck Berry song "Too Much Monkey Business" which also serves as a stepping stone for Rap enthusiasts[Just kidding]. The second of three Blonde On Blonde songs here is "I Want You" with that never-ending guitar hook played by Nashville pro Wayne Moss. The song here previously released as a single only "Positively 4th Street", the follow-up to "Rolling Stone". Closing this first Dylan compilation album is the third song from Blonde On Blonde[and closing half of the first record of rock's first double album], "Just Like A Woman". Yes, every song on this album is a classic and yet most of these songs have widely been interpreted by many artists and even actors, i.e. William Shatner and Sebastian Cabot, the latter of whom had an album full of Bob Dylan songs in dramatic reading fashion. You could get more songs from the same period on his second greatest hits collection plus songs from the late '60s and early '70s. If you want a basic collection, this one is highly recommended and there would be no place that you're going to.I’m glad this is an a jewel case I’m glad to track my things are on it that’s the way I like it I’m glad it has cd text I wish it was the SACD in a jewel case Hybrid Sacd That plays an old machines I do not like the ones that do not play in our machines because I cannot record it onto minidisc And I cannot play it on the computer I wish they made a Minidisc drive and Sacd DriveBOB DYLAN'S GREATEST HITS released in 1967 captures Bob Dylan's transformation from a guitar strumming folk song composer to a rock legend spanning the time period of his first seven albums. While the material here provides only a tasteful sample of his work, the listener is treated to that which showed his power as a songwriter then his unique voice as one of the greatest "classic rock" performers of all time."Blowin' in the Wind" had become an anthem of the folk movement -- a stirring theme for civil rights and peace rallies across the land having been the song that propelled Peter, Paul and Mary as the troubadours of social consciousness. The trio would frequently mine Dylan's songbook for material. By the time this recording was issued, even an emerging Stevie Wonder recorded his own stirring cover of the song."The Times They Are a Changin'" is another protest anthem, another landmark protest song. Addressing world conditions and the generational conflict, Dylan's songwriting influence had become immense.To the shock of his base but to the delight of a larger listening audience anxious for fresh sounds particularly as the Beatles took over the airwaves, Bob Dylan's transformation to rock superstar after shocking audiences showing up for the old folk tradition with electric guitars, bass, and drums.At first, Bob Dylan's importance would be spread via other artists while his new sound was evolving from a hint to an explosion over the span of three albums from ANOTHER SIDE OF BOB DYLAN through BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME and finally in full bloom on HIGHWAY 61."It Ain't Me Babe" became both a country and pop hit for Johnny Cash whose association with Dylan would serve to broaden both artists appeal to broader audiences.In 1965 as the Beatles reigned, a new west coast band with members borne of the folk scene influenced by the Beatles particularly their vocal harmonies and George Harrison's 12 string lead guitar on HARD DAY'S NIGHT exploded on the pop scene with a new kind of Bob Dylan song inventing a new sub-genre of music they and Bob Dylan would lead. The band was the Byrds, the song, "Mr. Tambourine Man," with its trippy proto-psychedelic lyrics. The song vaulted to the top of the charts during a time span when the Beatles ruled with "Help" and the Rolling Stones staked their turf with "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction." Bob Dylan was blazing new territory of his own finally breaking through on Top 40 radio breaking one of its most sacred rules issuing a song far in excess of the usual three minute pop single. "Like A Rolling Stone" established Bob Dylan as a hugely popular performer in his own right setting the stage for many new exciting artists soon to emerge from the folk-rock sound -- joining the Byrds, Simon and Garfunkel and the Buffalo Springfield helped redefine pop music as the Beatles themselves absorbed Dylan's influence consciously showing his influence on songs like "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" and then releasing an entire album of blended acoustic and electric guitar folk influenced songs, RUBBER SOUL.BOB DYLAN'S GREATEST HITS ends with material from Dylan's 1966 double album BLONDE ON BLONDE and a single perfectly in step with the sound of HIGHWAY 61 and the double album masterpiece, "Positively 4th Street." BLONDE ON BLONDE created tremors of its own openly embracing the drug culture with the raucous "Rainy Day Women #12 amp; 35" with its catch phrase, "Everybody must get stoned." Also present were songs that helped define Dylan's rock star posture while paving the way for a fresh approach to pop song writing going far beyond innocent love songs with "I Want You" and "Just Like a Woman."In hindsight, despite spanning seven albums, BOB DYLAN'S GREATEST HITS provides little more than a snapshot of a most prolific career but that snapshot is of one of the true titans of 20th century music with the material that made him famous. Obviously, listeners who enjoy Bob Dylan will certainly want to pursue the individual albums themselves and there are more comprehensive anthologies available. Nevertheless, here's a recording that provides a concise answer on what made Bob Dylan so important.Sony has been accused of cashing in on Dylan with this "hits album" while he was convalescing from his motorcycle accident. While that may be true, I wore this album out several times over the years until it was released on CD.I own everything Dylan has released and still enjoy this new remastered Gold edition for it's incredible sound quality. Hoffman nailed the remastering and although this is not a SACD it sounds better than many SACDs I own. It's hard to believe these songs could be presented with better sound quality than they are on this remastered AF Gold edition.If only other people/companies would take the care that has been taken here to exploit the full potential of the Compact Disc's redbook (44.1/16) format. If they had done so, there might not be the crisis in CD sales that exists today as they would be perceived by many to hold a higher value. yeah, little bobby zimmerman wuz startin to rock the folk scene and folk the rock scene , yeah he rocked me an i wuz only 14 ,by 16 ,i was aware, not from my dentist but i've been there enjoyed it evry time.... ALBUM IS CLASSIC DYLAN....GREAT.....The record came just as you would buy it in the store. It was not in any kind of box or container. Thank goodness the person it was for was not home as you could obviously see the entire record cover. Less then pleased by the shipping, will not know if the record was damaged until Xmas . I would give a rating of a 0 if I could. Editorial Reviews Indeed! Includes Rainy Day Women #12 amp; 35; Blowin' in the Wind; The Times They Are A-Changin'; It Ain't Me, Babe; Like a Rolling Stone; Mr. Tambourine Man; Subterranean Homesick Blues; I Want You; Positively 4th Street , and Just Like a Woman. CDs Vinyl => Folk => Contemporary Folk Sale Online With Discounts Price Vintage if you're looking for the newest in electronic gear for your home, office, car or on-the-go, our store has it. Max 53% OFF Cross Stitch Fabric 10x10cm Aida Cloth 18ct 28ct 40ct Cross Stit Clearance Sale Up to 75% Off Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits Cross Stitch Fabric 10x10cm Aida Cloth 18ct 28ct 40ct Cross Stit




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Max 53% OFF Cross Stitch Fabric 10x10cm Aida Cloth 18ct 28ct 40ct Cross Stit Clearance Sale Up to 75% Off





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