With Up to 70% Off Kuriyama LHS150 Long Round Hole Steel Strainer, 1 1/2" Buy Store

Kuriyama LHS150 Long Round Hole Steel Strainer, 1 1/2"
Kuriyama LHS150 Long Round Hole Steel Strainer, 1 1/2


Product description

Plated Steel Strainer with standard straight pipe threads

With Up to 70% Off Kuriyama LHS150 Long Round Hole Steel Strainer, 1 1/2" Buy Store

The only good thing about this bag is the pattern. I was immediately disappointed upon it's arrival as the two front pockets are not able to be closed. There is no reflective strip, as advertised, and the Velcro flap that is meant to close the larger, main pocket leaves about 2-3 inches opened on each side, making this bag neither waterproof not water resistant at all! Your items will be soaked. Worse than all of that is the poor craftsmanship of the adjustable straps stitched to the back of the bag so that it can "hang" from ( more easily fall off of) the handles of the wheelchair. I adjusted the straps to make sure they were even so there would be no more "pull" on one side than the other. I did not put anything heavy at all on the bag, yet within a week the stitching had come out of one of the straps, and as if that wasn't bad enough, the stitching proceeded to rip through the bag.Here is a gem of design. I take my wife by wheelchair everywhere and this bag allows me to bring with much paperwork and emergency items. The great feature about this bag, is its ability to hold a lot of weight. If you check out the strap design, it is clever. There are two sets: one for the wheelchair handles, and one for your shoulders. And they are both secured with reinforcement from different parts of the top of the bag. When the shoulder strap is not around your shoulder, it can be wrapped around the wheelchair handles to hold the bag tightly. And taking them off to get the wheelchair folded and into a van is a breeze. It you are plagued with how to deal with so much stuff when taking your loved one to the doctor or out for family visits, and if all the stuff you need to cary is getting to you, try this bag.This was perfect for Disneyland. A few years ago my daughter bought me a wheelchair to take to Disneyland because my knees just couldn't take all the walking. When the park gets busy, they can run out of rentals, so buying a wheelchair was the logical choice. The first year we tried to just use the attached pouch but it didn't fit much and I usually had to hold everything while she pushed. This storage bag was great. It fit her purse, a light jacket, and our water bottles. She found it much more convenient to stick her purse in the bag rather than trying to keep it on her shoulder when she was pushing. Highly recommended. It's also easy to disconnect and carry as a shoulder bag when we left the wheelchair unattended.The images have been stagged to fool this sack cannot hold a water bottle as implied and there are only 2 very shallow pouches not 3. The clips from the handles end up right in your back and are very irritating. There's a lot of potential here but they just made it cheap and obviously aren't handicapped and have never tried it themselves.Sent some pictures but after 10 megs it blocks your email. I guess they don't want to much evidence The only pro to this wheelchair bag is that it's easy to attach to the wheelchair. However, that's where it ends. The product itself seems to be made out of some sort of windbreaker vinyl type fabric which means that it doesn't have the firmness needed to be able to secure the items that you might want to put in there. For instance the picture shows a bottle of water, possibly a cell phone and something else next to it. In reality, the only way that these items would even remotely feel secure is if you'd filled the main compartment to capacity. Even then, the outer pockets would still make you hesitant about whether or not those items (in this case a water bottle and a cell phone) would remain firmly in the bag as the wheelchair is being moved. As for the main compartment, it has a generous amount of space but depending on the weight of whatever you put in the bag you might find that it will flop around in there or bounce back and forth hitting the wheelchair as you push the wheelchair forward. It would've really made more sense for this to be made out of the same material that knapsacks are made out of or if they'd put flaps over the exterior pockets to further secure the items that would go in it. But with this vinyl type fabric that it's made of, it doesn't feel like it would secure anything on the outside pockets or that the entire product would last for long.After 88 days of very regular use the Left strap unraveled making the Vive wheelchair bag Completely useless! I replaced it with a backpack that's capable of carrying my gear and not so flimsy as the Vive Bag!!! I'd love to send this back to the factory and see what caused this one strap to unravel like it did. They haven't answered an email sent to them earlier last week when the strap began coming unraveled. They've lost me as a customer and will only get to read this review over and over and also will share this with my follower's on Social Media!!I do not like being labeled DISABLED. Positive thinking has changed my life of HANDICAP to a life filled with ADVENTURE amp; COLOR. I can go anywhere with my walker amp; wheelchair HEAD HELD HIGH. EXTRA STORAGE ROOM for me amp; mine. I have a Service Dog taking her with me. SEE ME SMILE! Princess loves her own little bag space on my Walker. WE GO TOGETHER!!! PS: EXTRA clothes, Grabber, amp; essential items travel light with easy accessibility for me. COLOR is my game with "PURPLE ON MY NAME"!!! A great amp; useful bag with "MULTI USES much more than just ONE". Thrilled with my Bright amp; Colorful PURCHASE!!!This wheelchair bag was right on the mark! It is lightweight and strong with a lot of carrying space. It easily fits on the back of my wife's wheelchair when we are shopping. It provides enough room to carry a surprising quantity of things and can be easily lifted off the wheelchair by the carrying strap to get the purchases to the check out counter. We pay...bagger gets things repacked and I carry the bag out to the car using the shoulder strap.I should also mention the GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. When the bag arrived I found that one of the clips on the shoulder strap had broken in transit. Made a call to Vive and was immediately greeted by a customer service person who arranged for a replacement strap to be sent. It arrived in the mail within 4 days. Vive Wheelchair Bag - Wheel Chair Storage Tote Accessory for Car Kuriyama LHS150 Long Round Hole Steel Strainer, 1 1/2" with our no quibble return policy you can send it back to us and get a full refund up to 14 days after you've received your order. With Up to 70% Off Kuriyama LHS150 Long Round Hole Steel Strainer, 1 1/2" Buy Store Mobility Daily Living Aids => Mobility Aids Equipment => Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters FITS ALL WALKER STYLES: Adjustable loop fasteners allow the Vive walker bag to easily attach to the front of any walker style and width, including bariatric walkers, standard walkers and dual-point folding walkers. HANDS FREE GRAB AND GO BAG: Easily keep essentials at hand with the large inner compartment with a secure zippered closure. The sturdy nylon bag can hold a purse, a change of clothes, or necessary medical supplies. Three convenient outer pockets provide easy access to everyday items such as drinks and snacks, glasses, electronic devices and more. SECURELY ATTACHES WITH STRONG FASTENER LOOPS: Heavy duty fastening material securely holds the walker bag in place. Seven individual loops are reinforced for a durable accessory bag that easily attaches to any walker. LIGHTWEIGHT WATER-RESISTANT AND MACHINE WASHABLE: Constructed with a durable, lightweight material, the versatile walker bag is water-resistant to keep contents safe and dry. The durable nylon material is machine washable for added convenience. For best results, machine wash in cold water and allow bag to air dry. PLEASE NOTE: Folding walker is not included Product Description Huge Discounts Online




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With Up to 70% Off Kuriyama LHS150 Long Round Hole Steel Strainer, 1 1/2" Buy Store





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