Cheapest Offers Online 40 ps Greenhouse Clamps Clips 0.43 Inch, Film Row C Online Deals Cheap

home 40 ps Greenhouse Clamps Clips 0.43 Inch, Film Row C 40 ps Greenhouse Clamps Clips 0.43 Inch, Film Row C


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Feature: Thread design: The handle of each greenhouse film clamp is designed with thread style which is convenient for your to use and not easy to slip, and the proper size is easy to store and don't take up too much spaces. Practical function: This film row cover netting tunnel hoop clip is sturdy but lightweight, not easy to break, so suitable for your greenhouse film, net to pipe, sun visors and more, you can use it to protect your vegetable and plants in the greenhouse. Specification: Material: PP plastic Diameter size: approx. 11 mm/ 0.43 inch Color: as pictures shown Quantity: 40 pieces Package include: 40 x Greenhouse clamps Note: Please check the pipe diameter before purchasing. Please allow slight size errors due to manual measurement. Please allow slight color differences due to different displays.

Cheapest Offers Online 40 ps Greenhouse Clamps Clips 0.43 Inch, Film Row C Online Deals Cheap

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Cheapest Offers Online 40 ps Greenhouse Clamps Clips 0.43 Inch, Film Row C Online Deals Cheap





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