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Hot Sale Online Pros:My bi-pap's facemask is among the more comfortable for me (I've gone through several), but it does not keep a seal. I am awakened a few times nightly simply by the noisy escape of air between the mask's cushion and my skin, be it left, right, top or bottom.Finally, I discovered the mask liner by RemSzzs. It stopped the leakage in its tracks. I can now sleep for hours. I'm a side sleeper, which places a challenge on any such mask. Before using the liner, the mask would "fill" with water even though I had it set at the lowest moisture level; setting it at dry would do just that to my sinuses and throat. Not only did the non-lined mask cushion fill with water, that water became slimy, and when I'd wake up due to the unsealed noise, I'd have to wipe the inside dry or replace the cushion. With the liner, there is no moisture build-up or slime. The product seems to absorb and wick the excess moisture outside the mask. The inside of the mask's cushion remains completely dry. Additionally, you can increase the moisture level of your CPAP machine and the liner can handle it.And you do need the moisture in your mouth. I ramped my moisture number from 1 to 4 with no problem. A dry mouth is ideal for developing tooth decay--just as bad on your teeth as too much sugar, but without the diabetic danger.Cons:There is no way each machine-stamped-out piece of thin cotton should cost more than a dollar, which, if the manufacturer had its way would be thrown away every morning. Thus, there is a way to cut the cost drastically. The same liner can be effectively used 2-3 nights in a row. Some have mentioned gently washing the liner by hand to re-use. There is really no need to hand wash: Place it (better yet, several) in the washing machine on the gentle cycle, lowest time, and with the least amount of water. Once done, lay the liner flat in a dehumidified basement (or wherever) to dry--uncurl it, if necessary, and do not put it in the dryer. Another method is to use a hot dry iron on the wet liner, set on "cotton," just like ironing clothes, even a steam ironing will work. The total effect--yes, tested by me--of re-using the liner and washing it has the final economic effect:1 night - .00+2 nights -

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.503 nights -

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. 334 wash amp; iron re-use -

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.255 nights -

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.206 nights -

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.177 wash amp; iron re-use -

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.14And, get this, with being washed twice and naturally giving off a little lint, it is still as effective as new. Uh oh, I can hear the conversation at headquarters now: "We have to make this of a cheaper quality--sort of like 'planned obsolesce'--or we'll make less money!" Hopefully, this won't happen, and the price will be lowered. Actually though, it's really no great hassle to re-use these little cushioned liners.8 nights -

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.125 (This is getting to be economic fun!)9 nights -

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.1110 wash amp; iron re-use -

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.1011 nights -

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.0912 nights -

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.083 (By now the liner has lost its silky-smooth feeling, but to some it will be working satisfactorily. I didn't put this into a dryer, but it may have puffed up some and felt smoother had I done so. I am ending this experiment, but you get the picture of what can be done: a 90 percent discount.)This somewhat time-consuming, yet money-saving technique may or may not be necessary if the purveyor of the product sold it at a reasonable profit. Such behavior will always give birth to inventive frugality. Speaking of frugality, Medicare will pay for a machine, mask and other regularly-delivered CPAP accessories of much greater expense, but it will not pay for these liners which can help keep users on such therapeutic machines, and, therefore, benefit their health, the objective of providing the machines in the first place--you can read of these benefits elsewhere.If you are using an older mask cushion to save money, this liner may "renew" its effectiveness and save you additional money.Thus, my rating: 5 stars for effectiveness, 1 star for financially gouging users = 3 stars.Update--12/12/2016: You've probably guessed it: I couldn't keep up this regime. But I am able to use the pads 3-4 nights in a row. This is better than the one-night-use wanted by the manufacturer.Update--9/3/2017: I'm still at it! If you're frugal, here's what you save. Instead of every month (non-prime), if you use the liners for 3 days each you just spend /month. If you use them for 5 days (like I do), you'll spend /month instead of . To reverse that: In 3 months you'll save ; in 5 months you'll save 0; in one year you'll save 0. Wouldn't you like to save that or spend it elsewhere? Also, I find that dry ironing the liners right out of the washer when they're wet keeps them from curling on the edges when using a steam iron. Regardless, the curls are no problem, anyhow. Additionally, wash them with the whites or colored clothes, regular or gentle wash; it really doesn't matter.Update--11/18/2017: Just washed 22 of these with my white wash. I dried them flat on the closed tops of the washing and drying machines, then later steam ironed them with my regular clothes. Some were yellowed because of use, but that doesn't matter; they're clean. I'm adding this update because some may think this is procedure is onerous: I timed my unhurried self while ironing and it took plus/minus 30 seconds for each. Now, I have 22 like-new liners.Not much to add with my review that is not covered by the others. Just a couple notes. One, the liners do not stop air leaks. They muffle them. The mask still leaks some air but it is now mostly silent. It greatly reduces the humming and buzzing and other odd air leak sounds that wake you up. You will have to play with the placement on your face to see what works best for you, and sometimes you will have to readjust during the night if it slides around too much. The second thing is that these are washable. I think they work better after the first couple washes. I put mine in the washing machine then lay them out flat to dry. I am probably on my 5th or 6th wash. I have had a few wear out too much to use, so I may need to buy a second box of these in a few months. They are not a great fit to my mask, but they are good enough. I may try trimming one with scissors to see if I can improve the fit.These cost less than my deductible will reimburse for my insurance through a medical supply place for the same identical product. These full face mask liners work very well, and are comfortable to wear all night every night. Try to wash your face before you go to bed to extend the number of nights before changeout is required. Solves multiple problems, 1) with comfort having rubber directly against your skin, and 2) somehow these magically create a seal that's more robust than the silicone mask surface by itself. Compliance just got a bit easier. Who would have thought? Got diagnosed and prescribed in December of 2018, and I wanted to throw the full face mask out the window - started out with a ResMed AirFit, but it leaked and the silicone irritated my skin and leaked over the bridge of my nose constantly while feeling slimy from the sweat/humidity. The CPAP machine supplier gave me an AirTouch F30 with memory foam to try and it worked great - for about a week. Then the memory foam broke down and more than that, insurance was not going to buy me an expensive memory foam face mask every month.I bought the RemZzzs liners as a last act of desperation, and it solved every single issue I had. My skin is no longer irritated, the mask rarely leaks, there's no slimy humid sweat in the mask. It even solved the sir shooting up into my eyes - that was an issue I never thought would be resolved after the respiratory therapist pronounced the bridge of my nose "oddly shaped".I have these on Subscribe and Save and bought an extra package to make sure I never run out. They're that necessary. RemZzzs Full Face Cpap Mask Liners (K2-FM) - Reduce Noisy Air Le Das Not Compute its market-leading fast track delivery service is available across more than 90% of japan, seven days a week, and offers home delivery in as little as four hours up to 10pm. Shop Sale UK Das Not Compute Oakland Mall Product Description As you may know, both Cpap and respiratory therapy haven't always been therapeutic for many people. Fortunately, that was before RemZzzs. You can think of it like this: RemZzzs will help you and your mask become friends. This is possible because our patented design acts as a barrier between the skin of your face and the silicone of your mask’s cushion, virtually eliminating all of the most common problems associated with wearing a Cpap mask. And best of all, it’s very comfortable! Along with all of the other benefits, RemZzzs can save you a lot of time. Manufacturers’ recommend cleaning your full face and nasal Cpap masks at least once a day, every single day. Talk about an extra day-job! With RemZzzs, our naturally absorbent fibers act as a barrier between you and your mask, keeping oil and moisture away from the silicone cushion. The result is you spending less time cleaning your Cpap mask and sleep apnea mask, and spending more time actually enjoying all of its benefits. Assists with comfortably holding your mask in place RemZzzs Cpap Mask liners go between your mask and your skin and help to comfortably hold your mask in place with no irritation or air leaks Allows for use of bedtime facial products Bedtime facial products can degrade your Cpap mask. By using a RemZzzs liner you can apply nighttime facial products. The liner will protect the mask from the products and allow for a comfortable nights sleep. Extends the life of your mask Sweat and Facial oils deteriorate your mask more quickly. By using a RemZzzs mask liner, you can extend the life of your mask because the liner will absorb the moisture and oils and prevent them from contacting the silicon of the mask. Wicks moisture and oils away from your skin The buildup of sweat, moisture and oil between your mask and your face leads to skin irritation and air leaks. RemZzzs mask liners absorb moisture and oils and create a protective barrier between the mask and your skin so that you can rest comfortably. Step 1 - Place the liner on the mask Place RemZzzs directly on top of the silicone mask cushion. When applicable fold rectangular forehead liner and place on mask forehead piece. Step 2 - Place the mask and liner against your face Lean down toward mask, placing nose into the lower half of liner's hole. For full-face masks, RemZzzs may partially cover mouth at this stage of the fitting. Step 3 - Return to upright position Press face against RemZzzs while returning the head to a normal upright position. Attach headgear and adjust to a comfortable fit. Note: Step 4 is VERY IMPORTANT to ensure proper fit, keeping the liner in place and preventing skin contact with mask during sleep. Step 4 - Pull on liner edges for a custom fit Finally, pull firmly on protruding edges of RemZzzs liner to stretch hole around nose and mouth (or nose for nasal mask) for a custom fit. This should result in a minimum of 1/2 to 3/4 inch extra liner on the outside of the mask. Note: Stretching is very important for optimum performance. The extra liner will curl away from the face. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Health Household => Health Care => Respiratory Aids Accessories




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