Best Quality Clearance Womens Tops Drawstring Hoodie Textured Oversized Pullover Colorb Cheapest Online

Womens Tops Drawstring Hoodie Textured Oversized Pullover Colorb
Womens Tops Drawstring Hoodie Textured Oversized Pullover Colorb


Best Quality Clearance Womens Tops Drawstring Hoodie Textured Oversized Pullover Colorb Cheapest Online

Old Fashioned Kettle Cooked Handmade Handcut Handpacked Fudge - Locally Produced in USA Choose from 18 different flavors - 4 Ounce Slices (1/4 Pound Slice) Premium Gourmet Fudge - Smooth amp; Creamy - Rich amp; Delicious - Melts in the Mouth Lasts for 2-3 months. Great for children, parties, holidays, events, gifts, and daily consumption All variants contain dairy. Some variants contain nuts. Produced in a facility that processes and uses nuts. Product Description This is one of our oldest and most treasured recipes, loved through the generations! Our gourmet fudge is smooth, rich and creamy. The handmade kettle cooked fudge comes with a better taste, texture and consistency, that makes it melt in the mouth. This five-star recipe makes it an unforgettably delectable holiday gift.         BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Premium gourmet fudge Smooth, creamy and rich Melts in the mouth Sealed 4 ounce (113 gram) slices Lasts for 2-3 months All variants contain dairy Coffee fudge A treat for coffee and chocolate lovers, our coffee fudge is home made with love. Made with the highest quality of white chocolate and coffee, the gourmet fudge has a creamy and smooth texture. Something that melts in the mouth instantly to give a delicious taste that is balanced between coffee and chocolate, it is a popular choice amongst those who don’t have coffee otherwise. Chai fudge With the flavors of chai and white chocolate mixed together, the chai fudge is an all-time favorite amongst all ages. You can additionally sprinkle a little cardamom and cinnamon, as per taste. This homemade fudge is smooth, creamy and melts in the mouth to give a mellow and delicious taste, with perfectly blended ingredients.     More flavours to choose from: You know, the old fashioned homemade fudge that melts in your mouth and makes your eyes roll in the back of your head; This is that kind of fudge! Almond Chai Belgian Chocolate Walnut Caramel Chai Caramel Latte Chocolate Chai Chocolate Pure Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolatey English Toffee Crunch Chocolate Mint Chocolate Mocha Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Cookies amp; Cream Cinnamon Chai Cinnamon Latte Espresso Coffee Masala Chai Maple Walnut Pecan Turtle Peanut Butter Penuche Salted Caramel Vanilla Vanilla Chai Chai Fudge Assorted Box Chocolate Fudge Assortment Box Classic Fudge Assortment Box Coffee Fudge Assorted Box Signature Fudge Assorted Box Best Quality Clearance Womens Tops Drawstring Hoodie Textured Oversized Pullover Colorb Cheapest Online Grocery Gourmet Food => Candy Chocolate => Chocolate Fudge Packaging was not good enough for the item to maintain its shape.Too sweet and all melted into one irregular piece of fudge. I don’t recommend this.First I have to say, if you buy a product that clearly states its size in its listing, then later you regret how much you spent on something that size, THAT'S ON YOU. It's unfair to the seller, and misleading to other shoppers, to turn around and give it a one-star review for that reason. When I made my purchase the seller was offering buy one get one free, and in that case the price was very comparable or even better than similar products.Pros:* This is 1/4 pound of fudge. That is not a lot of fudge, but it's plenty to find out if you like that flavor, or to set out a mix and match plate for visitors. Or to scarf down in one sitting if you've had a really, really bad day.* The raspberry flavor isn't overpowering or too artificial.Cons:* The cellophane wrapping detracts from the specialness of this kind of treat. It resembles something you might pick up near the checkout of a convenience store, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but not ideal for gifting. It's also weird that the packaging has a picture of typical squares of fudge, while the product inside is like a loaf that's been cut into slices* Being sliced so thin, this fudge easily gets squishy and melty at room temperature.* Maybe it varies by batch, but my piece was much more raspberry than chocolate. I generally expect fudge to be chocolate with other flavors added in, not other flavors with a little bit of chocolate.There's nothing really unique or exceptional about this flavor. No other textures besides the soft fudge, no extras like a topping, and I personally enjoyed the chocolate raspberry fudge from another candy maker more than I did this one.If you like chocolate and raspberry, this may be worth a try for you. But definitely just buy the one quarter pound first, because like me, you may decide you're glad you tried it but don't particularly crave anymore of this flavor.For years I've relied on my fellow shoppers' reviews to help me make informed decisions: contributing details about my own experience is my way of paying that forward. If you've found this information useful, please consider clicking the Helpful button below. Thank you!I ordered the Rasberry Chocolate Truffle. I received Chocolate Fudge. Hey, I like chocolate fudge, it just isn't what I ordered. Also, please see the pictures, the picture of the product that you see when you order looks nothing like what you get. What you get is a thin (see measurement) slice as opposed to the large cube you see in their pictures. It was delivered to my mailbox in a padded envelope. Yeah, it is relatively cool during the mornings and evenings, but at noonish, it has been getting quite warm. Luckily, I saw the mailman deliver and went straight out to grab my mail. Usually, I don't go out for the mail until evening. No, I won't be ordering from this company in the future. If I wanted plain chocolate fudge, I would have ordered PLAIN CHOCOLATE FUDGE. Lesson learned.First off, let's set expectation: Despite the picture, you don't get a bunch of small pieces of cut fudge. You get one bigger blob of fudge (see photos). Also, as noted in the title, you get 1/4 pound. That's not a huge amount, but given how rich fudge is, it's enough for a several people to share for one sitting.The flavor is good. Whiles this is listed as Raspberry Chocolate, I found that the chocolate flavor far dominated the profile, with raspberry just a bit of essence in the background. That works fine for me. If you are looking for something where raspberry is close to the main performer, you may want to look elsewhere.I find a little fudge goes a LONG way, and this is no exception. It's rich, the way that fudge is rich. The texture is pleasingly smooth. It's soft, but fudge is supposed to be soft.On the whole, I like this. It's pretty costly, but fudge at a confectioner tends to be costly. That said, you probably won't eat much at a sitting, and this little slab will probably last you a while. This is probably not the best fudge I've ever had, but it's tasty and I wouldn't hesitate to bring it out to share with friends.This is missing a star because I ordered two different kinds of fudge but received two of the same kind. I ordered one raspberry chocolate truffle and one Belgian walnut. I received two Belgian walnut. They were really good but I won't buy again. I feel like I can find a better deal somewhere else and hopefully a order of different types won't be too hard to fulfill. I am thankful for the privilege of trying this lovely fudge though. My family enjoyed them very very much.The media could not be loaded.  Ok so I figured I would give the fudge a try but wow what a disappointment!!! When I received it and opened the packaging I could not even tell what it was. It looks not even in the same planet kind of close to the pictures.It is hard as a rock and when I unwrapped it and tried to bite it, nope. I tried to cut it with a knife and it just broke in pieces so at this point I really did not even want to taste it.I decided to taste it anyways and that is the only reason I was able to give it two stars. Once you are able to get it soft enough in your mouth it actually taste pretty good.I wish I could say this was good and all but the taste is all that is going to happen.I think I must have got a dud or something because does not even come close to what others have said.Hope this helps and really don't enjoy giving bad reviews but sometimes it happens. Thanks Discounts Sale Shop Online Womens Tops Drawstring Hoodie Textured Oversized Pullover Colorb we work with total editorial independence. that means nothing appears on the site as a recommendation unless our writers and editors have deemed it the best through our rigorous reporting and testing. Milkylicious Old Fashioned Handmade Smooth Creamy Fudge - Raspbe




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