Enjoy 10% Off Yivibe 316 Stainless Steel O Rings Sailboat Fittings (Size : 5mm Discounted Online Sale Store

Yivibe 316 Stainless Steel O Rings Sailboat Fittings (Size : 5mm
Yivibe 316 Stainless Steel O Rings Sailboat Fittings (Size : 5mm


Product description

Product Detailed specification:
[Premium Products Materials]
: Made of [Elaborate manufacturing]: Made of high-quality marine 316 stainless steel, smooth, rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, stronger and safer high-strength ,corrosion-resistant
[Multiple Product Dimensionss]
:Available in a wide variety of Product Dimensionss to fit any and all needs.Available Product Dimensions(Diameter x Length):4mm x 30; 5mm x 30 ;6mm x 30 ; 4mm x 40; 5mm x 40; 6mm x 40
[Unique Design]
: Angled cut off allows Top Fitting for quick, more efficient assembly; lightweight and easy to carry
[Various Application]
:Applicable to the connection of the main body support and hanging objects, such as hanging of the luggage,hammocks ,binding and rigging hardware ,etc
[Wildly Applicable Scene]
: Top Fitting for marine, diving and outdoor harsh-condition Product Usage; luggage amp;bags, saddles
Package Includes:
1 Piece Stainless Steel O
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Enjoy 10% Off Yivibe 316 Stainless Steel O Rings Sailboat Fittings (Size : 5mm Discounted Online Sale Store

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Enjoy 10% Off Yivibe 316 Stainless Steel O Rings Sailboat Fittings (Size : 5mm Discounted Online Sale Store





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