Max 71% OFF Sun Umbrella Windproof Travel Umbrella Rainbow Shiba Inu Doge Li Discount Factory Outlet Online

Sun Umbrella Windproof Travel Umbrella Rainbow Shiba Inu Doge Li
Sun Umbrella Windproof Travel Umbrella Rainbow Shiba Inu Doge Li


Product description

Superior Windproof And Waterproof: This Windproof Umbrella Is Flexiable Enough To Withstand Powerful Wind Without Turning Inside Out. It Is Fortified With 8 Reinforced Fiberglass Ribs.

Compact, Portable And Easy Carrying: This Is An Upgrade Design Of The Longer Folding Umbrella, Light Weight And More Easy Carry. This Reverse Umbrella Is Easy To Store In Your Car, Your Briefcases, Backpacks, Tavel Bags Etc. It Is Perfect For Travel, Business, Camping, Fishing, And Daily Use. Suitable For Men And Ladies.

Convenient Auto Open/Close In One Second: Just Push The Button Once To Automatically Open And Press Again To Instantly Fold The Canopy Closed. You Do Not Need To Wait Another Second To Open The Umbrella When You Get Out Of Your Car In The Rain, Especially In Heavy Rainfall, Even When Your Hands Are Full Of Things.

Ultra Lightweight amp; Compact: Elaborate Craftsmanship Makes This Umbrella Weigh Only About 0.9 Lb. Mini Design Allows This Umbrella Short Enough (11.5 Inch) To Fit Perfectly In Your Bag. Light And Small, This Umbrella Is Perfectly Portable For Anyone!

Coated For Superior Protection And Repellency: Our Umbrellas For Rain Are Designed To Beat Back Mother Nature. No Matter The Conditions, You'Ll Stay Dry. The Canopy Of Our Folding Umbrella Features A Coating That Sheds Water And Resists The Extreme Punishment Of The Sun, Keeping You Protected.

Max 71% OFF Sun Umbrella Windproof Travel Umbrella Rainbow Shiba Inu Doge Li Discount Factory Outlet Online

CDs Vinyl => Classical => Forms Genres we’re passionate about what we do and it’s our mission is to bring you the best deals in the tokyo from all the leading brands. Max 71% OFF Sun Umbrella Windproof Travel Umbrella Rainbow Shiba Inu Doge Li Discount Factory Outlet Online Sun Umbrella Windproof Travel Umbrella Rainbow Shiba Inu Doge Li Discount Offers Shop Chopin - Etudes For Piano Opp. 10 25 - Juana Zayas chopin's etudes have been one of the minimal acquisitions in my cd collection: no matter which performance i chose (eventually, pollini and berezovsky), the whole experience was more or less like listening to power tools on hard timber. not so with zayas. there's technical control, blazing tempos and pianistic passion without the cheap trick of palpable risk taking -- fire and ice without the steam -- and she finds in each etude a lyricism i haven't heard before. the point isn't to make these pieces *sound* hard, but to sound like music! zayas abbreviates some of the breaks between etudes, in some cases almost running two or more together, which gives her performance a powerful narrative sweep. the frantic figurations and chordal themes are beautifully shaped and the recital is passionate without being rhetorical or histrionic. a stunning disc, one of the best performances ever of these works from the "passionate" side ... and recommended as a complement to the version by boris berezovsky, which is more sensitive and elegant.I had never heard of Juana Zayas until reading a review of this recording in American Record Guide, who pretty much gushed over it. And with good reason. I have complete sets by Davidovich, Pollini, Ashkenazy, Ohlsson, and now Zayas. She is simply amazing, bringing out nuances I'd never realized were there. This is by far the best performance of the etudes I have heard. The etudes pose no technical problems for Ms. Zayas. She beautifully conveys the musical magic of each of them. Tempos are vigorous, yet always under complete control; she has a fine rhythmic sense, power, sensitivity and finesse. One of the finest recordings of the complete op. 10 and op. 25 I've ever heard; it's up there with Ashkenazy's.Superb, but know that like some other extraordinary performers (e.g., Toscanini, Heifetz, Yuja Wang) Zayas has what I call a fast inner clock. If you usually find depth and profundity in slower performers (Furtwangler, Menuhin, Barenboim and, notably in the Etudes, Cortot) then Zayas may seem lightweight, particularly since her tone as recorded (I've never heard her live) is not remarkable. Having said all that, I would not part with her for the reasons that IPQ and so many others cite. Bravo! Reading the reviews for this disc, I'm a bit surprised and disappointed at some of the nit-picking here. Then again, some of it is downright funny and not wholly undeserved (Pollini being compared to a lawnmower - ouch!). Let me add one thing, though: if you buy this disc, there is a perfect chance you'll not only like it, but won't even have a clue as to why it seems such a controversial item.I'll admit it: listening to all the Chopin Etudes (or Preludes, for that matter) in one sitting is something I cannot and will not subject myself to for the sake of technical fascination alone. I'm no pianist, couldn't play them, so if they don't speak to me musically, I'd always only want to listen to a couple or so at a time (Pollini, despite or rather because of all the surface perfectionism, being a case in point). Basically, without trying to sound snotty, I'm glad these pieces are selected as encores at recitals these days (at least here in good old Europe) - unless someone like Ivan Moravec (who never even came close to performing all 24 in public) decided to program the complete sets, I seriously doubt I'd enjoy myself very much.Thus, my favourite recording of the Chopin Etudes to listen to in one sitting, because he was able to turn each one of them into what we in German call "singbar" (cantabile - the English equivalent "singable" appears to be applied so rarely, I wonder sometimes if it's at all being used), is this:Chopin/Cortot: 24 Etudes Op. 10 amp; Op. 25 (1933/34) - HMV/Philips GPOC etc. (numerous releases)I won't go into detail, the recording being so famous for its musical qualities (and the occasional finger slip). The sound quality of the Philips Great Pianists of the 20th Century release, by the way, is so good for its age, I could live with Cortot's as an only version. Apart from this one, I beg you to at least have heard the following (sonic reservations aside, dynamic restriction, shellac surface noise and all, it should probably still be considered THE reference version):Chopin/Backhaus: 24 Etudes Op. 10 amp; Op. 25 (1928) - HMV/PearlSo here is what I find special about Zayas, disregarding the details: hers is the only modern recording of the COMPLETE 24 that I can listen to in one sitting WITH PLEASURE (let me put it this way: if you can do the same with Pollini's justly famous 1971 DG recording, then in all likelihood you're a pianist yourself). People preoccupied with sound quality (after all, I consider myself an audiophile also, only one who couldn't bring himself to listen to a lesser interpretation for sound quality's sake) might even want to make this their only selection.Greetings from Switzerland, David.




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Max 71% OFF Sun Umbrella Windproof Travel Umbrella Rainbow Shiba Inu Doge Li Discount Factory Outlet Online





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