#LetsVombo - Video Making App For iPhone

Get together and combine videos shot simultaneously into one, fantastic video to share!

We all love to capture and share videos, be it on social media, messaging apps, or other video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. Vombo makes shooting and editing videos fun, collaborative, easy, and professional. A simple yet powerful video editing app, Vombo combines the capabilities of video mixing and video synchronisation tools to give you a comprehensive experience, covering all your video production needs.


All about creating shared experiences.

The greatest obstacle to producing professional quality videos is always grouping and syncing different clips shot using different cameras. Vombo combines your shared experiences in one, unique video. With videos shot at the same time, it’s easy to see all the action in one video in seconds. The video editing app can sync up to eight simultaneously shot clips to produce a one, unique video, and can display the video in two styles - split screen or match on action.


Taking the complexity out of video production.

While some video editing apps demand basic editing skills to produce great movies, Vombo makes it easy for everyone by automating all the difficult parts. You can request assistance in shooting video from friends or family, combine and edit in a minute to share instantly. Get different angles, more details, and unmistakable professional touch to your videos.


Get the best shots from multiple devices.


Automatic synchronisation allows you them to run together in real-time.


Upload your unique Vombo video to your favourite social networks


Make every video a masterpiece.

Following in the spirit of Engineering Emmy Award-winning solution Group It For Me!, Vombo gives you the power to sync and edit professional video on your smart devices. Merge videos of the same event that have been shot on different devices and create a unique video that can be immediately shared on all popular platforms. The video editing app allows you to capture and produce professional quality videos for every occasion!

Key Features

What makes Vombo so special and unique?

  • Request a video
    Ask family and friends to help make your Vombo video
    (Airdrop, Blu-tooth, message, email, etc)

  • Trim
    Select the exact points from where you want to start and end your video

  • Music
    Choose pre-selected tracks from Vombo, or lay a soundtrack from your own music library

  • Split Screen
    View multiple angles at the same time with a Split Screen of up to eight videos

  • Match On Action
    Auto-edit multiple videos at varying speeds depending on the style you want

  • Easy to use
    Intuitive design makes Vombo a breeze



Install now for free via the App Store.

Vombo Screenshots

Vombo has a very simple user interface and is so easy to use!



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Whether you’re at an event like a concert or birthday party or just hanging out with the new puppy at home, if you capture the moment using more than one device, you can now combine those videos into one in seconds.  With two styles to choose from, you can showcase the videos in a Split Screen format, or as one continuous video with Match On Action.

Currently Vombo operates on iOS.  Anroid version is currently in development.

Videos for Vombo can come from any recording device (including Google Pixel and Android devices).  Request these from friends and family via messaging, email, AirDrop, etc and add them to your library.

For a one-off low purchase price, you can get unlimited durations and no watermarking on Vombo videos.  It is value for money to create unique, professional-looking videos to share.

There may be a certain moment in the videos that you would like to focus on, so use the Trim feature to focus on these and further customise your videos.


Come together to shoot some great videos!

Capture memories, educational content, pranks, social dos, holidays, and just about any part of the celebration called life. Let’s Vombo!

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