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LINYANDIKAI Colorful Raindrop Unisex Cooling Arm Sleeves Print U
LINYANDIKAI Colorful Raindrop Unisex Cooling Arm Sleeves Print U


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Size:Medium  |  Color:Colorful Raindrop

Summer Fast First Choice for Cooling.
Extremely Elastic Material Cooling Arm Sleeves.
You're Golfing, Fishing, Playing Basketball, Cycling, Prefect for This Cooling Sleeves, It's Easy to Carry.

Shops Online Sale LINYANDIKAI Colorful Raindrop Unisex Cooling Arm Sleeves Print U Wholesale Online Store

each and every order is checked by one of our team to ensure the products you've chosen are suitably matched. Baby Products => Feeding => Breastfeeding ✫ The only differences between these generic spectra flanges and the real Spectra flanges are cost and diameter.✫ I thought I had large nipples, but it turns out they're significantly smaller than the standard 24/25mm flanges included with every dang pump (Medela, Spectra, and Ameda).✫ If you're having trouble with pain and output, I implore you to grab a ruler and measure your nipple diameter BEFORE pumping. If you're areola is being pulled into the flange during pumping, it's too big.✫ Using a caliper (the tool jewelers use to measure diameter), I found I was 14.5mm, so like 10mm less than the standard flange. Since switching to the 17mm flange, my output has increased and pain is non existent.I use this with my Spectra parts which comes standard with 24 and 28mm shields. I am exclusively pumping and have to pump for over 3 hours every day. With the original sizes, I felt like my nipples were being sheered off from the size since so much was being pulled in. I tried 20mm, which is the only other size smaller that Spectra offers and I was still experiencing pinching pain. I tried 19mm from another company- still hurt. 17mms are hard to come by, but finally no pain. If you're experiencing pain while pumping, try a new flange size. It shouldn’t hurt.It is hard to clean them. Tip: Vinegar helps get milk residue off. Hated spending so much for the 17 mm as I had already recently bought the 20mm, but it is SO WORTH IT. I have short, flat nipples and with the standard 24 mm flanges, my poor nips always felt terribly bruised. I would get tears in my eyes if my children or husband accidentally bumped my chest. According to the ‘measure after pumping’ rule and using a mm sizing guide, the 20mm should fit but I must have nips that swell to fit all available space. With these, my areola isn’t being painfully sucked into the flange. No more bruised painful feeling! I exclusively pump and use these for 4 30 minute pumping sessions every day. They have held up very well, no signs of wear and are easy to clean. If you’re on the fence, buy them! I actually might be able to go a size smaller but I’m happy with these. Thanks Maymom! I have purchased multiple different flange sizes from Maymom for my Spectra S1 plus. While I am SO glad they offer smaller sizes than even Spectra offers - these actually don't screw on correctly to the spectra bottles and every Maymom flange I've tried results in milk leaking everywhere . It's super frustrating and it's a significant amount of milk. Unless you use it sitting perfectly still and are super careful when you remove the pump after a session, you will spill milk everywhere. I've tried the 17mm, 19mm, and 21mm and ultimately while the smaller sizes have helped me out with pump out, the milk leakage is terribly frustrating and disappointing. I've looked closely and when you twist the flange onto the bottle, it looks like it is slightly crooked. I've tried all my spectra bottles as my pump came with four. Unless there is another part I'm supposed to have to make it twist on correctly, be prepared to leak milk over everything! :/I exclusively pumped with my twins a few years ago and didn't know anything about the correct flange size. I used the standard one, which caused a lot of pain. I thought the flanges were too small so I got bigger ones and of course, my pumping journey was still rough.This time around with a new baby, I decided to get some opinions on the sizing and it turns out I needed a smaller set of flanges...the 17 mm. I ordered these and the 17 mm silicone inserts (to use with my old 24 mm flanges). I ended up liking these better since it's one less item to wash, compared to using the 17 mm insert for the 24 mm flanges. It's made pumping more bearable, although the process is still somewhat painful.NOTE amp; TIP: One thing to note about these flanges is that since the tunnel part is small, it is very hard to wash with a regular bottle washer. You would have to use the thin wire scrub and fold it in half at the end to clean the inside of the tunnel part. This will help with the washing, but it's still a pain to really clean out that part. I hate that no pumps on the market come with smaller than 20mm options for those of us with smaller nipples. Hurts like hell having to use the wrong size, so I’m really glad I stumbled upon these! Was hesitant because they were off brand for my spectra, but was desperate enough to try and the price wasn’t terrible. They work perfectly! No issues at all. A good buy if you are looking at these and need them. I have a Spectra S2 pump which came with 24 and 28 mm flanges. Well, after pumping with both sizes and suffering greatest, I realized my nipples were much SMALLER, and I therefore needed a smaller diameter of flange.The problem was that officially, Spectra’s smallest flange size is 20 mm, and even that was still too large!I’m sooooo happy I found these 17mm flanges—pumping is no longer excruciating, and I don’t dread it anymore! These flanges, despite being made by a 3rd party, fit all of my Spectra pump parts.I don’t know why it’s so hard to find smaller size flanges, as it seems the standard flanges are comically large, but I am very grateful a company has made smaller sizes, and I am very satisfied with these flanges! We wanted to be proactive. At the colostrum phase 17 mm appeared to be a good fit, AFTER the milk came in 24 mm became a good fit. 24 - 28 mm is also the most common size. You may not need to go smaller from what comes shipped with the Spectra. Wait a few days after the milk comes in and reevaluate. 2X 17 mm Maymom Wide Neck Pump Parts for Spectra S1/S2 Pumps; In Contains 2x 17mm widemouth flanges for spectra s1 pump, s2 pump and 9 pump. Suitable for mother with a nipple diameter 14-15 mm (measured AFTER a pumping session). Suitable for spectra s2 accessory replacement. BPA free; Complies with US FDA regulation for plastics that contact foods Works with spectra wide mouth bottles, AVENT bottles, and Maymom wide mouth bottles. They are NOT compatible with OTHER wide mouth bottles. Made by Maymom, not original spectra company. Maymom is not affiliated with Uzinmedicare, the trademark owner of spectra. Dishwasher toprack safe; Steam safe sterilization; Product Description Maymom always cares about mothers' needs on the path of breastfeeding. For years, we hear mothers' voice for customized, comfortable and easy- to- use tools. Maymom products feature safety, efficiency and credibility that you can count on. She is engaged in innovating a series of AFTERMARKET PUMP PARTS COMPATIBLE with Medela, Spectra, Ameda, Avent, Hygeia breast pumps, including flange, tubing, duckbill valve, backflow protector (short stem, long stem and medium stem), collection bottle, breastshield converter, milk storage bag adapter, and various kinds of adapters to bridge different systems of name brand breast pumps. All available on Amazon. Expertly-Designed Flange Compatible and interchangeable with Spectra S2, Spectra S1, Spectra 9 Plus parts Same suction as OEM parts Fit snug with Spectra pump parts Easy to install, remove and clean FDA and EU compliance for food contacts . You need it. We create it! Your Size, Optimal Comfort! Maymom MyFit Flanges offer a wide range of flange sizes - 13 to 32 mm in small increments to meet every mother's pumping needs. Certain flange sizes come in separable two piece design. See below for other Maymom items on Amazon. Maymom flange inserts are also adopted by some mothers with special needs. Deeper Thread Length Better fit with wide-neck bottles on the market Less chance of fallen bottles Heavy duty constuction Versatile Bottle Adaptability Compatible with Maymom Bottle Converter. With the Converter, you can use with narrow- neck bottles like Madela bottles, Ameda bottles and original Dr. Brown's Bottles to replace the wide mouth spectra bottles (note: will not fit wide mouth Dr. Brown's bottle) Versatile Bottle Adaptability Compatible with Maymom Bottle Converter. With the Converter, you can use with wide-neck bottles like Lansinoh, Mam, wide version of Parent's Choice to replace Spectra wide-neck bottles Maymom Backflow Protector for Spectra Pump Parts Maymom Duckbill Valve for Spectra Pump Parts Maymom Wide-Mouth Connector for Spectra Pump Maymom MyFit Shield Maymom Bottle Converter between Spectra and Medela Maymom Bottle Converter between Spectra and Lansinoh Spectra Pump Parts Compatible ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Number 2pc 4pc 2pc 2pc 4pc 4pc Q: Can I use a handsfree bra with this kit? A: Yes and no. Being the one-piece design, the breastshield is only compatible with SOME handsfree bra on the market, like Simplewishes and Simplicities. However, Maymom just releases SEPARABLE two-piece flanges to fit almost all pumping bras on the market. Click the product table above for details Q: Why is there no suction or low suction power? A: 1. Please check if you have installed the duckbill valve or valve/membrane. Many new mothers forget to do so. 2. Make sure the air path in the flange is not blocked. 3. Check to see if the diaphragm inside the backflow protector can move freely. 4. If you can't solve the issue, contact the seller with a photo of your setup for help. Q: Why does Maymom 28mm flange look bigger than OEM 28mm? A: Many mothers told Maymom that they experience pains from the nipple hitting the back of the spectra OEM 28 mm flange. Maymom designs her 28mm flange to be longer and roomier so no more nipple hitting the back of the flange and there is more room for the nipple to move. However, Maymom still keeps the Internal Diameter at the entry point of the nipple tunnel same as the OEM one; that is, 28 mm. Q: How to avoid breaking the backflow protector during setup with the flange? A: Turn to insert the backflow protector into and off from the flange with care. DO NOT push in or rock straight in and out with force. It will break. Q: Where can I find the size marking on the flange? A: It is marked at the end of the nipple tunnel. Maymom shield size refers to the INTERNAL DIAMETER (ID) at the ENTRY point of the nipple tunnel. Q: How do I choose the flange sizes? A: For optimal comfort, we suggest you start to try a flange size that is 2-4mm larger than your nipple diameter. Since your nipples will enlarge after pumping, measure the diameter of your nipples AFTER a pumping session. Do not include the areola. However, the best fit will never be discovered until you really try it out. Q: Why did the flanges break after only a few uses? A: Maymom's flanges are made heavy-duty and durable. However, shipping conditions can be harsh. Many stresses imposed on the product during shipping do not show up until the product is used or sterilized a few times. If you encounter this situation, contact the seller for a free replacement. 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