Ranking TOP10 JIUCHUAN Christmas Tree Stand Mat Waterproof Red Squirrel Standi gift

JIUCHUAN Christmas Tree Stand Mat Waterproof Red Squirrel Standi
JIUCHUAN Christmas Tree Stand Mat Waterproof Red Squirrel Standi


Product description

Printing instructions: single-sided printing
Material description: polyester (imitation super soft + sponge + aluminum foil)
Size description: diameter 72cm/28.3inch
Product description: It is made of suede material, aluminum foil bottom, waterproof and moisture-proof, to prevent the water from overflowing and damaging the carpet after the plants are watered. It can be decorated on Christmas trees and other items to increase the Christmas atmosphere.
Applicable scenarios: Christmas decorations such as living room, courtyard, outdoor, etc.
Packing size: 26*20*3cm
Washing instructions: not washable (partial scrubbing)

Ranking TOP10 JIUCHUAN Christmas Tree Stand Mat Waterproof Red Squirrel Standi gift

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Ranking TOP10 JIUCHUAN Christmas Tree Stand Mat Waterproof Red Squirrel Standi gift





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