Outlet Store Sale Carrara White Italian (Bianco Carrara) Marble Large Basketweave Low price

Carrara White Italian (Bianco Carrara) Marble Large Basketweave
Carrara White Italian (Bianco Carrara) Marble Large Basketweave


Product description

Size:Large Basketweave  |  Color:with Blue amp; Gray Marble Dots

Perfect for use in any interior / exterior (residential or commercial) project;

• kitchen backsplash,
• bathroom shower floor or wall,
• pool surround, spa, fountain, barbecue, etc.

Please note that natural stone does vary in pattern and color, so each piece will be unique, which is part of what makes natural stone such a beautiful and interesting material.

Samples are highly recommended for a better assessment of the current batch of this product before commitment to a larger purchase.
Even though we do everything we can to truly represent the overall colors / shades of the current batch of the product with our product photos, due to various monitors and settings, it may not be directly possible to view the exact shading / coloring characteristics of the material entirely on your screen. Therefore, current actual samples should be obtained and approved before committing to a larger order.

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Outlet Store Sale Carrara White Italian (Bianco Carrara) Marble Large Basketweave Low price

UV sanitized best quality Saffron (Negin), 1 Grams UK Outlet Store Carrara White Italian (Bianco Carrara) Marble Large Basketweave Outlet Store Sale Carrara White Italian (Bianco Carrara) Marble Large Basketweave Low price Grocery Gourmet Food => Pantry Staples => Herbs, Spices Seasonings we exists for the love of fashion. we believe in empowering individuality. I can not answer any of the questions above. I gave only a 1 star because I have a question for you and I do not know any other way to get a hold of you. I did receive my saffron - though it was in a plastic container and the container does not have a label on it. Is that how you package your product or did I receive a fraudulent item? To this, I questioned the quality of the said saffron in the container. I did a water test and it seemed to fail the test to me. When I soaked a few strands of the saffron in water the water quickly turned red... not yellow gold. Let me know your thoughts please. Thank youNeither did it gave out the color or aroma in my Persian cooking..I could tell by the threads..its not authentic saffron.I wish I could get my money back.Not buying this product again.I normally get my saffron from Iran when friends or family visit there. When I saw this product I decided to give it a try. I was very pleasantly surprised and will be using this instead. Highlights: it was easily accessible and I used my Amazon prime, it was shipped in a timely manner, and most importantly, it has wonderful aroma and color, and a little goes a very long way! Thanks Zaraffe!I don’t normally cook with saffron(or write reviews - but everyone needs to know), I needed/wanted to bring mouthwatering rich flavors to my food and break my regular spice routine. Oh, boy did I get some flavor from Zaraffe’s threads. The color is amazing – deep red, not your typical grocery store bought saffron, whose threads are more expensive and come out lighter in color. Zaraffe’s saffron is fresh and easy to store. I’m really happy with this product, and will be buying again! Thank you Zaraffe for enriching my taste buds!Perfect service from a Great Seller (Zaraffe) - amp; the Mediterranean Saffron Sea Salt exceeded all quality expectations (Great Natural Flavor, Beautiful-looking Salt amp; Saffron threads). I will buy it from you over and over again!(Also, if possible, please consider offering Persian Blue Salt for sale as well - it's one of my all-time favorites amp; it's difficult to find great-quality Persian Blue Salt on the American and European markets.)Last - but not least! - I greatly appreciate the seller Zaraffe's commitment in helping children with cancer by donating part of the proceeds from their sales to charity. That is very commendable!!Thank you for a Great experience in everything. Ordered this for adding to my festive delicacies at the last one money. So first thing first, thank you Amazon you never disappointing me with both packing and delivery time.Now back to the product, I would say it’s okay. It did add the slight saffron flavor and a tint of color to my food. So if you’re someone who wishes to add just a little bit of touch, then go ahead. And pick this stuff. But if you are like me and enjoys the luxury touch that saffron adds to the food, then maybe look for something else. Other that that, packing is beautiful not glass but still beautiful.Little background, I have been adding saffron to my delicacies for about a decade now and have a fair experience working with it. This is my first experience cooking with Saffron and I absolutely love it. I use it to flavor Jasmine rice with shrimp. This has been a delightful first experience with saffron and I will be buying this and recommending it again. The price is reasonable as a little of this product goes a long way. So I wanted to make paella and when I found saffron at my local grocery store it was for literally the same size as this. I promptly put it back on the shelf and began researching on Amazon. I saw this and was happy that it shipped quickly. It was easy to use and my keto paella dish came out tasty and with the coloring how I wanted it. ✅100% Pure Highest Quality Saffron threads ✅If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase of our product for any reason, just email us and we'll refund your order in full, no questions asked! ✅Bon Appétit Product Description How We plant our red gold? 1. We plant our bulbs on the virgin and elusive blend of soil, topography, and climate produces crocus fields unlike anywhere else.. Every year we unearth the bulbs and plant them in new soil. Each field is left to stand for 5 to 10 years after harvest, so the soil does not impoverish and you can control in a manner surgical saffron qualities that will come out from the field. We plant our bulbs deep, twenty centimeters below the ground are many and the flowers are difficult to grasp because they are just flat when they bloom. Even the space between the bulbs is so much, from 12.5 to 15 centimeters, in this way every bulb can grow and enjoy all the nourishment it needs, without removing resources to the flowers that are close to him. We never irrigate the field, it rains only twice a year and our choice is the greatest difficulty we face. In fact, from one year to the next, our saffron always has the same quality in terms of smell, taste, and aroma, but the quantity varies incredibly. We have chosen to run the risk of producing half of the saffron from one year to the next but keeping the flavor intact. We have chosen quality in quantity. Of course, this is a flaw because we can not sell our saffron to everyone, but every method has its limits. How we collect our red gold? 2. We collect our saffron strictly by hand, at dawn and throughout the day. We do not use machinery or robots, but we use the help of the hundreds of people who come from everywhere to collect saffron. Everyone has the right to collect a particular area of land, in order to make the distribution of value between farmer and farm fair. This is the most expensive phase of the traditional method, while in our method it is only one of the processing phases. We have chosen to invest in people because we believe that a robot can never carry out the work of a man in the agricultural field with the same precision. Although modern robots are becoming more precise, we believe that a proper division of profit is a more interesting standard to be achieved than simple technological progress. How we dry our red gold? 3. Unlike the traditional method that requires workers to support inhumane rhythms (we need to collect and dry saffron the same day), we have brought our company directly into the desert. This means that the freshly harvested saffron is brought directly to the factory, where our machines take it to minus 40 degrees and make saffron practically immortal. The difference with hot drying is simple, with our method the saffron does not decay, it is always purple and does not lose its organic properties over time. Not only is saffron protected, but its chemical structure is also preserved. Taking it to minus 40 degrees we do not, in fact, need pesticides, fertilizers or other chemical crap that release heavy metal residues and contaminate saffron. Have you ever asked your producers the table with the values of salmonella and E.coli? You would be disgusted by discovering the values. Drying is too delicate a process to be carried out in a traditional way. With the risks of contamination, do not mess around, especially if the saffron is home-made or comes from abroad, where the production standards are not American.   




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Outlet Store Sale Carrara White Italian (Bianco Carrara) Marble Large Basketweave Low price






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