Discounts Factory Store Online TEHAUX 1Pc Rabbit Cooling House Summer Pet Nest Ceramic Hamster Great Discounts

TEHAUX 1Pc Rabbit Cooling House Summer Pet Nest Ceramic Hamster
TEHAUX 1Pc Rabbit Cooling House Summer Pet Nest Ceramic Hamster


Product description

Descriptiona ceramic hamster cooling house, which is well- made of durable and hard ceramicmaterial, long service life, convenient to clean. Creative and practical ceramic hamster househelps greatly in cooling, provides a cool nest for your small pet to playand rest. Effectively reduce the temperature of in spring and summer to protect your pet's health. Features"span"- Material: Ceramic.- Size: 21. 00X18. 00X18. 00cm/ 8. 25X7. 07X7. 07inch.- Note: Nest hole: 10. 50cm/ 4. 13inch- Premium ceramic material, safe for your hamster, It can be used safely. The shapeis very fashionable,very good to serve.- Provide your beloved pet with a comfortable place to have a good relax.- Wear- resistant pet house for your hamster as well. Ceramics design for not easy to.- A practical pet house for hamsters. A good gift your friends, family and people with pet hamsters.- Small enough, suitable for small pet, such as hamster, chinchilla, hedgehog, etc. Package Including"span" 1 x Pet Cooling House

Discounts Factory Store Online TEHAUX 1Pc Rabbit Cooling House Summer Pet Nest Ceramic Hamster Great Discounts

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Discounts Factory Store Online TEHAUX 1Pc Rabbit Cooling House Summer Pet Nest Ceramic Hamster Great Discounts





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