Official Shop BNMY for Nissan T90 Car Side Window Sun Shade, Universal Magneti Shop Discounts Online

BNMY for Nissan T90 Car Side Window Sun Shade, Universal Magneti
BNMY for Nissan T90 Car Side Window Sun Shade, Universal Magneti


Product description

Color:2pcs Rear

Product name: car sunshade
Product color: black
Product size: as shown
Installation location: car side window
Installation method: magnet adsorption

-100% brand new and high quality
-Personalize and update your car, stylish design gives a customized look.
-Ultra-lightweight and stylish appearance.
If you have any questions about product quality and installation, please feel free to email us or ask questions. We will reply you within 24 hours. We have a professional after-sales service team to answer your questions and solve your problems. Satisfaction is the purpose of our service!

Official Shop BNMY for Nissan T90 Car Side Window Sun Shade, Universal Magneti Shop Discounts Online

BNMY for Nissan T90 Car Side Window Sun Shade, Universal Magneti Online Outlet Store Shop Patio, Lawn Garden => Outdoor Décor => Flagpole Hardware Valley Forge, American Flag, Aluminum Bracket White Powder Coate every day, people build businesses on our side. nonprofit organizations raise vital funds. I appreciate when I read the honest opinion of someone who has used a product based on the quality and value of the product. I also appreciate when I know something about the company behind the product. Based on both of those here’s why Valley Forge didn’t earn my respect for this product.After many years of owning various American flags, some of them being made offshore, I chose my current primary flag from this company based on their reputation, quality and the fact that they are a U.S. company who makes their flags domestically. My flag has weathered the intense desert blazing sun and sub-freezing temperatures and still looks beautiful.So after seeing a poorly-made flag holder at the local home improvement place that was made in China and cost a whopping twenty bucks I decided to get this one, partially based on the company’s reputation and partially based on the promise they made way back in 2016 to start making this product in the USA.I was disappointed to see, now almost three years later, that they have not kept that promise, this one is boldly stamped with the China marking. It is inexcusable to me to have any company, let alone the one who makes arguably the best U.S. flags anywhere, stoop to farming the manufacturer of their flag holder to offshore companies.They sell this thing for just over six bucks, certainly a low price to be sure. Imagine if they had the courage to match the price of the inferior holder sold by the big box store but offer a superior product made by American labor. I and many others would gladly choose the American made product every time and would be happy to pay more.Other than that, this is just an ordinary piece of metal, not that well made but in this case that’s not the point. The point is that Valley Forge completely misses the point of what supporting the American Flag is all about, and I can’t respect that.The bracket itself doesn't feel very strong, it's super light. I doubt it'll stand up to much wind but I can't speak to that just yet. The mounting hardware, screws, it comes with are hot garbage, if you buy this just use different screws from the get go.Edit: I added a star. I've had it up for a few weeks now and it's held up perfect. We've had some decent storms too so hopefully that's a sign of its durability.Very deceiving. Just received July 1st 2020 and the bracket is made in CHINA. The listing indicates that their flags are made in USA but says nothing about the bracket. In January 2017 (3 years ago) the Manufacturer said "We are in the process of switching all of our hardware to American made" but apparently that never happened. I paid a little more for this item because I was lead to believe it was Made in USA. Shame on Valley Forge by lying to the consumer.Do not buy. I couldn't be more disappointed. After only 1 week it only took 1 windy day to literally rip this mount out of my wooden beam. I installed it exactly as the instructions said. The metal screws and the tightening screw on the side are not weatherproof - they are already rusting after 1 rainy day. The company doesn't allow returns either, and since I can't get the plastic pieces off the rusty, bent screws I can't reuse the mount with different screws.The bracket has chipped paint outside and razor sharp flashing throughout the interior. No QC. The holes for drilling are too close to the bracket body. Meaning all work has to be done from at least 3" away. Guaranteeing you will shear off at least one of the cheap screws, if you even make it that far because they strip the second you touch them.This is what Amazon is now known for selling. Literal trash.poorly finished, jagged edges, screw head sheared off when trying to install. I should have read the top two reviews instead of taking amazon at its word that this was the best, also it doesnt say that it is made in america. which is a shame since i spent extra money to buy a pole and flag made in usa, they just bundled this piece of garbage with american made products, a real shame.The bracket itself is very nice (5 stars)...however the included mounting hardware is severely lacking in my experience. The 3 screws are too small and the 1/4"W x 1-1/4"L plastic mounting anchors aren't strong enough. My 3X5 Annin US Flag and 6' Valley Forge pole stayed up 3 days before very low winds completely ripped the entire assembly off the brick wall. I went to Lowes and purchased some 5/16"W x 1-1/2"L lead anchors with better screws and now it's extremely solid. I would've preferred to have paid an extra for the bracket to have adequate mounting hardware included with it.Throw the screws that come with it away. I also feel as though this product intentionally misleads you as to its country of manufacture. It is made in China, not USA.Like I said, throw the screws away. Official Shop BNMY for Nissan T90 Car Side Window Sun Shade, Universal Magneti Shop Discounts Online This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Valley Forge Flags 100% Made in the United States: U.S. law requires every American flag to be labeled with its country of origin. The FMAA “Certified Made in U.S.A.” certification verifies that your American flag has been made in the U.S. with materials that are domestic in origin. Valley Forge is proud to offer FMAA certified flags. Durable Metal Construction: This Valley Forge Flag Two-Position Bracket is made of durable aluminum. Constructed to withstand the elements, this flagpole mount can be safely used outdoors. This flagpole bracket works with a standard one-inch diameter flagpole. It can be used to hold wooden flagpoles or metal flagpoles. Fly your flag at two appropriate positions with this two-position bracket. Dual-Position Mounting Bracket: These Two-Position Flag Pole Mounts are designed to be able to hold your flagpole at two appropriate angles. You can either fly your flag horizontally at a right angle to your house, or you can fly it at an upward angle. At either angle, your flag looks majestic mounted in front of your house as a constant reminder of what we stand for. White Powder Coated Finish: This durable aluminum flagpole mount features a white powder coated finish. If you have white trim on your home, this bracket will blend into the wall so that it doesn’t distract from the beauty of your flag. Powder coating results in a durable finish that is much tougher than traditional paint finishes. White is a neutral color that complements your flag and home. The Greatest Name in Flags: Founded in 1882, Valley Forge Flag Company, Inc. remains to this day a family-run business that has evolved and grown through four generations, employing over 300 Americans. We strive to supply the best products to a new generation of patriots who are committed to the success of our great nation. We take pride in producing the American flag for the freedom it represents. Product description Size:1 inches Product Description This Valley Forge Flag Two-Position Flagpole Mounting Bracket provides one of the easiest ways to display your American flag. This flagpole mounting kit includes all the hardware you need to mount your flagpole to a wall or to a strong post. Made from durable cast aluminum, this flagpole bracket is built to withstand outdoor weather. The bracket comes with the necessary screws for securing it to a vertical wooden surface. The aluminum bracket has a white powder coat finish. This powder coat finish is extremely durable; it won’t easily scratch like a traditional paint finish would. White is one of the best colors for flagpole brackets because it complements the colors of the American flag as well as the trim on many houses. The bracket can be attached to an outside wall of your house, or to a sturdy wooden post. Once secured to a sturdy surface, the bracket allows your flagpole to be mounted at two appropriate angles. You can fly your flag horizontally at a 90-degree angle to your house, allowing the flag to hang downward. Alternatively, this mounting bracket can also support the flagpole at a traditional upward angle. However you fly your flag, this bracket securely holds your flagpole. Use the included thumb screw to tighten the bracket’s hold on the pole. This bracket is designed to hold a standard one-inch diameter flagpole. The base of the bracket that connects to the wall is two inches wide and just over four inches high. It is small enough to not distract from the beauty of your flag, but large enough to securely hold a flagpole. Although the bracket supports two different angles for flying your flag, it is designed to hold only one flagpole at a time. Display your American pride with this dual-angle flagpole mounting bracket. Founded in 1882, Valley Forge Flag Company, Inc. remains a family-run business that continues to evolve and grow. All of our flags are produced in the USA, and we take pride in making American flags and flag accessories. From the Manufacturer This Valley Forge 2 Position Bracket is made of durable aluminum, with a white powder coated finish. It has 2 different positions to fly your flag with and works with a standard 1-inch diameter flag pole. Valley Forge Flag is committed to providing high-quality flags and accessories exemplifying our country’s national honor and spirit, raising its colors to express respect and pride for our American way of life. From the manufacturer Valley Forge Flag Company The Greatest Name in Flags Flags Made in America Our Values History A Valley Forge flag accompanied the Apollo missions, as well as later space shuttle missions. We produce and distribute our flags from state-of-the-art facilities in South Carolina and Alabama. We strive to efficiently supply the best products to a new generation of patriots who are committed to the success of our great nation! We are always looking for new ways to provide greatest benefit to you! Innovation Valley Forge flags have inspired U.S. armed forces as they landed on the beaches of Normandy, and rolled through the European Campaign. Our flag was the U.S. flag of the Pacific Fleet. As our service men and women bravely turned the tide in the Pacific, a Valley Forge U.S. flag flew by their side. We admire their bravery, and their commitment and service to this country. Valley Forge flags have draped the caskets of American Presidents for the last fifty years, including Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, and John F. Kennedy. We pay tribute to their service to our country and the leadership they provided. People Founded in 1882, Valley Forge Flag Company, Inc. remains to this day a family-run business that has evolved and grown through four generations, employing well over 300 Americans. Valley Forge Flag Company continues its commitment to provide high-quality flags made in the United States by people just like you. Our employees take pride in producing the American flag and the freedom it represents. Is Your American Flag Made In America? 'Certified Made in the U.S.A.' certifies that your American flag has been made in the U.S. of materials that are domestic in origin and that all processes in every step of its manufacture were completed in U.S. facilities with U.S. labor. U.S. law requires every American flag be labeled with its country of origin. Only the FMAA 'Certified Made in the U.S.A.' certification seal assures the standards and continued compliance as monitored by a professional association and its domestic members. Valley Forge is proud to offer FMAA certified flags to its consumers. We stand behind our promise to ensure domestically manufactured and distributed products. We encourage consumers to pay attention to these credentials to ensure your product is in fact a genuine Valley Forge item: 1. The Flag has the FMAA label printed on the tag. 2. The item ships from within the continental United States. 3. The item is labeled with the Valley Forge brand name or manufacturer RN number in compliance with the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act.




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