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DODGE 128866 FC-DLM-208
DODGE 128866 FC-DLM-208



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DODGE 128866FC-DLM-208

Disount Deals DODGE 128866 FC-DLM-208 Websites

Sports Outdoors => Hunting Fishing => Archery SUNYA Archery Bow Wrist Sling, 550 Paracord Strap Comfortable on DODGE 128866 FC-DLM-208 their dynamism and focus have propelled our into a major brand, in our world and in new markets beyond. Authorized Dealers Disount Deals DODGE 128866 FC-DLM-208 Websites This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. ✅- 100% Designed By Sunya Sports -Ladder Style Paracord Braided ✅- 100% Genuine Full Grain Leather - Larger Yoke, Bull Hide, One Piece Cut, No Fillers, Fit For Most Stabilizers. It never split like some cheaper yoke!!! With Metal Grommet To Prevent Scratch From Bow Stabilizer. ✅- 100% Handmade Paracord Portion - Wide 0.8" Braided Portion. Overall Length 19". Braided Length 9.5" + Extended 5" + 5" Smaller Paracord Portion Use To Adjust. ✅- 20s To Install Just Following the Video Guide - Fit For Big Or Small Wrist. 3 Holes On Each Side, It Could Adjust To Your Comfortable Length. ✅- 3 Years Warranty - For Leather Yoke and Paracord Portion. Product description SUNYA Archery Bow Wrist Sling, 550 Paracord Strap Comfortable on Hand. Bow Wrist Sling is a important compound bow accessories as bow release, bow quiver, bow stabilizer bow case and bow sight. Product Description Why You Should Add a Bow Wrist Sling to Your Bow? Whether you are a compound bow or traditional recurve bow shooter, making good, consistent shots requires that many factors be executed correctly. One of those key factors is how you grip your bow. Most bows require a very loose grip to shoot correctly. Although some long bows and self bows need to be held tightly to shoot correctly, most bows don't. If you grip a bow too tightly, it will put torque on the riser, and as you release the arrow, that torque will cause movement and throw your shot off. Although you started with a loose grip, just before released the arrow, your bow hand started to clinch down in anticipation. Now, you obviously want to keep hold of the bow so it doesn’t go flying out of your hands. Here’s where the bow wrist sling comes in. A bow wrist sling wraps over the back of your bow hand and allows you to shoot, literally without gripping the bow at all. When you shoot, the bow leaps forward, but the sling keeps it contained in your hand. This allows you to completely relax your grip and not even worry about catching the bow. Most bow wrist slings attach behind a stabilizer. You won’t see a top Olympic shooter that doesn’t use one. For better accuracy and consistency,we would encourage you to use a bow wrist sling! Bow Stand-X5 Bow Stabilizer Pro Neoprene Compound Bow Sling V2 Magnetic Bow Sling Arrow Quiver E310 Arrow Quiver X510 Publish Year 2021 2020 2020 2021 2021 2021 HIGH QUALITY BOW WRIST SLING DESIGNED BY SUNYA Sunya Bow Wrist Sling - High Quality Material vs Other Sellers Products "u"Premium Genuine Full Grain Leather Yoke The leather is hand-selected from the exact same material used by Sunya Sports in our Leather Gun Slings. Larger Yoke, Bull Hide, One Piece Cut, No Fillers, Fit For Most Stabilizers. With Brass Grommet To Prevent Scratch From Bow Stabilizer. It never split like some cheaper yoke which made by cheap cardboard or PVC OR Vinyl(Not Genuine Leather but looks close) !!! "u"Paracord Bow Wrist Sling Its rigid construction helps keep the strap upright and open to enable you to quickly and easily insert / remove your hand. - Brass Grommet Better Yoke - Nickle Plated, Diameter 0.39", Gasket Mounted On Another Side To Prevent It Separate From The Leather. Fit For Most Recurve and Compound Bow Stabilizers But won't Scratch It. Specifications amp; Features Overall Length 19" For Big Or Small Wrist Handmade 9.5" Long amp; 1" Wide Paracord Portion Extended 5" + 5" Smaller Paracord Portion Lightweight Only 2.5oz. Prevent The Bow From Falling Off. Quickly Install. Work Well With Bow Stabilizer. Paracord Portion Is Comfortable To Your Skin. Flexible And Shape Memory, Paracord Is Waterproof And Mildew Proof. WS-28 WS-27 WS-21 WS-29 WS-24 WS-22 Color Style: Army Camo DS Dark Camo Jungle Camo Expedition Camo Winterfell Camo Waterfowl Camo Number Of Colors 1 1 2 2 2 2 WS-13 WS-14 WS-15 WS-05 WS-17 WS-18 Color Style: USA Flag Elements Orange Black Camo Orange Stripe with Black Green Camo Digital Camo Yellow Stripe Tiffany Green with Black Orange Stripe with Silver Number Of Colors 3 1 3 3 2 2 WS-19 WS-08 WS-04 WS-10 WS-07 WS-09 Color Style: Chaos Land Mix Yellow Orange Dark Angel MacLaren Grey Green Dark Elf Martini Number Of Colors 4 4 4 4 4 4 It fits well and comfortable. Good thickness that gives you the support You're looking for. Will buy another for my new Mathews Vertix Bow I just bought. Good product.Thanks for the attention to detail. Much more comfortable than the neoprene stock one that came with my Diamond. I like the camo color-got the army camo. Matches the mossy oak on my bow pretty good.Easy to loop in the leather. We'll see how it hold up this season... leathers seems ok enoughMetal ring was too thick to allow my stabilizer to screw back into my bow. Keeping it just because it’s paracord. Wouldn’t recommend.I just got this and I think it’s gonna work out very well seems to be built very well we’ll find out it as the seasons go onVery comfortable and good length. Being made out of Paracord is a bonus in case I ever need to tie somethingWell made of acceptable materials to compliment my Mathews Real Tree camp bow. No issues so farLove this. Fits the bow great. Was super easy to install. Does not come with bolt/ stabilizer so that will have to be bought separately.Wanted to add some color accents to my new bow and SUNYA offers a wide variety of slings in many color combinations and this particular one was the right one for me. It was a breeze to install and adjust for my hand and grip. Very pleased with it.




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