Seattle Mall Lieomo Handmade Wooden Coffee Tray Set (Coffee Tray, Sugar Box, Max 62% OFF

Lieomo Handmade Wooden Coffee Tray Set (Coffee Tray, Sugar Box,
Lieomo Handmade Wooden Coffee Tray Set (Coffee Tray, Sugar Box,


Product description

This little coffee tray is handmade with beech.
It was created in hopes you could enjoy a bit of a cafe atmosphere in those moments you have to relax.
The wood is said to be no need for any special care. Clean it with water is perfectly fine.
There's no special need for maintenance, however after a while if marks or scratches appear, just polish it with a small amount of olive oil on a kitchen towel. It will soon look as good as normal.

Width 140mm (5.5 ")
Length 210mm (8.27 ")
Height 17mm (0.67 ")

"span"Suger box
Width 55mm (2.17 ")
Length 55mm (2.17 ")
Height 47mm (1.85 ")

Width 25mm (0.98 ")
Length 100mm (3.93 ")

Seattle Mall Lieomo Handmade Wooden Coffee Tray Set (Coffee Tray, Sugar Box, Max 62% OFF

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Seattle Mall Lieomo Handmade Wooden Coffee Tray Set (Coffee Tray, Sugar Box, Max 62% OFF





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